The Five Freaky Indian Stereotypes In Hollywood Movies/TV!


I love watching Hollywood movies and US TV serials – No one can do sit-coms better than them. However there are some utterly bizarre and frankly ridiculous Indian stereotypes that I frequently notice in their movies and sit-coms. Here are the five things about Indians which I think that the American TV serials and movie makers have got completely wrong, no offense.

  1. What’s with the crass weddings?! – In most of the movies the Indian weddings are described as the assault on the senses by stupidly/outrageously dressed dark complexioned men and women dancing wildly with the elephants in the background. Reality check – These days Indian weddings have upgraded themselves quite a lot. There are luxury cars instead of elephants and destination weddings with amazing venues etc.apu
  2. It is commonly seen that all the Indian characters in English TV/movies have mustache (exclusively men), many times wear turban, are obese and…

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