People of India

Dear Maurice

I have just returned from what was a life changing journey through a very small area of incredible India! In just 6 days and 6 towns, I saw and experienced the many cultures of life in India.

The memory that has stayed the most fresh in my mind since I have returned are the people of India. The colours they wear, the music that they have pumping from their tractors and that deep solemn look that they all seem to have… unless you have the skill to make them smile!

I have a small collection of photographs that I took, with their permission of course.

These people touched my heart, each for different reasons.



IMG_20141209_121517IMG_20141209_122542 IMG_20141209_204539IMG_20141209_120516IMG_20141209_063016IMG_20141209_204655IMG_20141211_154033IMG_20141211_154624IMG_20141211_154757IMG_20141211_155100IMG_20141211_155142IMG_20141211_155734IMG_20141211_155942IMG_20141213_184755IMG_20141213_185917


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