Alleppey – Kerala’s Backwaters


IMG_4607We took another night bus back to Goa (this time the bus was in better condition and the window actually stayed closed allowing us to get some sleep) and spent the day on a beach near Margaon. In the evening, we jumped on an overnight train and headed further south to Alleppey, which is in the southern state of Kerala. It’s a coastal area of canals and waterways that wind through rice fields. The main tourist draw is to stay in a houseboat and explore the area’s backwater villages and waterways.


IMG_4610Sabine, Gregor, and ourselves booked a two-bedroom overnight houseboat tour together. We embarked at noon and cruised through many small waterways and lakes, taking pictures of the locals and the landscape while relaxing under the shade of the houseboat deck in the cool breeze. We had our own captain and chef – We were like one-percenters just for a day!…

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