Calculate Your CGPA!

CGPA stands for Cummulative Grade Point Average which is the grading system of all CBSE affiliated schools. If you want to calculate your CGPA, just follow the simple steps or use online CGPA Calculator .

Steps to find overall CGPA:

You just need to find the overall percentage and divide that percentage by 9.5 to get your overall CGPA.

How to install VNC server on CentOS 6

Lazy Geek -:)

VNC is a protocol that is used to share the desktop with other users/computers over the network/Internet.In order to share a desktop, VNC server must be install and configure on the computer and VNC client must be run on the computer that will access the shared desktop.

When we install the minimal copy of CentOS Server, it only gives us the “Command Line” interface.

But some people prefer GUI instead and for this they install Full version of Gnome on CentOS. Actually there is a better way and that is to install VNC. VNC provides a lightweight virtual desktop than full blown version of Gnome.

To run the VNC Server on CentOS, we have to install these required packages:

sudo yum groupinstall Desktop

sudo yum install tigervnc-server

sudo yum install xorg-x11-fonts-Type1

This is optional:

sudo yum install vnc

To start VNC Server on boot

sudo chkconfig vncserver on

To setup users’ VNC password:


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Travel- The green and serene Wayanad

that dude from the 90s...

Just when I thought that 2014 was ending on a boring note (like the year itself), I headed to Wayanad on the 26th for the annual festival in our family temple. Wayanad has always been a fascination right from the childhood- for the lush green coffee estates, for the wisps of smoke from the mouth in the nights and for its absolutely nature-friendly setting. I’ve always cherished my visits and every visit made me feel envious of my Dad, who grew up here. Can you imagine a world where people do not have time for smart phones, social media and digital life? Those people exist in Wayanad. And that’s why I love to come over here again and again. We, in the city life, are struck between complexities and often end up complicating stuff, instead of keeping it simple. I think that has been one of my interesting learning whenever…

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Celebrities Who Should Participate In Bigg Boss 9

Celebrities Who Should Participate In Bigg Boss 9


Bigg Boss is one show on Indian telly which is always grabbing eye-balls for its quirkiest news. Be it the tiffs between the inmates or the growing intimacy. Here, in the Bigg Boss house, nothing goes unseen. The series might be triggered at grade C audience, as say the statistics, yet even class A audience is interested in its gossips, we presume. With each new season, this show not only presents a new theme but gets spiced up all the more. There is rage, outrage, oomph, friendship, politics that just amplifies with each season. Violent streaks have been much common; taunts are a passé but in this season the inmates have been hailing shoes at one another. Some would call it cheap while some would rather say that it’s got spicier. Whatever your view, you simply can’t ignore this show. It is in-your-face and it is here to stay. While…

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My Village-My Pride

aaClustered Houses in Hong Basti

Making way through the border of Assam into Arunachal Pradesh, one can easily notice the change in landscape while traversing through it and approaching Ziro. Th plains give way to hilly terrains, the temperature slips down, there are fewer people to be seen, air gets cleaner and an awe-inspiring landscape emerges with variety of ferns, orchids and rhododendrons growing in the wild amidst dense green forests all around.
Ziro is home to the tribal group called the Apatanis who are one amongst very few tribes in the world who worship nature (sun & moon) . They are famous for their unique methods of sustainable farming and social forestry. Apatani Cultural Landscape even features in tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Site for “extremely high productivity” and “unique” way of preserving ecology. I had an opportunity to stay with one such Apatani family in Hong Basti…

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The Five Freaky Indian Stereotypes In Hollywood Movies/TV!


I love watching Hollywood movies and US TV serials – No one can do sit-coms better than them. However there are some utterly bizarre and frankly ridiculous Indian stereotypes that I frequently notice in their movies and sit-coms. Here are the five things about Indians which I think that the American TV serials and movie makers have got completely wrong, no offense.

  1. What’s with the crass weddings?! – In most of the movies the Indian weddings are described as the assault on the senses by stupidly/outrageously dressed dark complexioned men and women dancing wildly with the elephants in the background. Reality check – These days Indian weddings have upgraded themselves quite a lot. There are luxury cars instead of elephants and destination weddings with amazing venues etc.apu
  2. It is commonly seen that all the Indian characters in English TV/movies have mustache (exclusively men), many times wear turban, are obese and…

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Inking The Thinking.


Dear humans of Pakistan,

As a human, my heart goes out to you for innocent lives you had to lose to the guardians of terror. As an Indian, I pray that you find the strength to battle the fear that is spreading on your soil.

Did those terrorists not even think once about what they would be doing to the future of their own country? Did they not flinch while visualizing the terror those young eyes would have to see – friends being shot, teachers being burnt, blood soaked clothes, coffins, wailing parents, ensuing nightmares, and violent day dreams?

I know all of you are not terrorists. There are countless number of Pakistanis who are living in Pakistan but have nothing to do with the terror outfits. I know that all Muslims are not waging a war against India and the rest of the world. A section of people among you lead the world to doubt all of you.

The Army is the…

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People of India

People of India

Dear Maurice

I have just returned from what was a life changing journey through a very small area of incredible India! In just 6 days and 6 towns, I saw and experienced the many cultures of life in India.

The memory that has stayed the most fresh in my mind since I have returned are the people of India. The colours they wear, the music that they have pumping from their tractors and that deep solemn look that they all seem to have… unless you have the skill to make them smile!

I have a small collection of photographs that I took, with their permission of course.

These people touched my heart, each for different reasons.



IMG_20141209_121517IMG_20141209_122542 IMG_20141209_204539IMG_20141209_120516IMG_20141209_063016IMG_20141209_204655IMG_20141211_154033IMG_20141211_154624IMG_20141211_154757IMG_20141211_155100IMG_20141211_155142IMG_20141211_155734IMG_20141211_155942IMG_20141213_184755IMG_20141213_185917


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